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Pitfalls of social media

April 6, 2018 ‚óŹ author, marketing

Recently, there has been a lot of chatter in book groups about the pitfalls readers are experiencing on social media sites. Some of the concerns include lack of privacy, hidden posts, and drama.

Book+Main is YOUR solution.

Lack of Privacy

Book+Main Bites is a community designed solely for the romance book world. Your family members and friends won’t see you there. It’s your slice of romance heaven. Interact, search, follow your favorite authors and friends, the sky’s the limit when you don’t have to hide!

Hidden Posts

Book+Main does not incorporate algorithms that hide Posts or Bites. You see what you want, when you want to. Authors can feel confident that their time and energy isn’t wasted posting on Book+Main Bites. All their important news will be shared with ALL of their followers.


Book+Main is all about the books…no drama, no politics, and nothing to distract readers from the words. Authors drive the content, making it easier to moderate. With specific guidelines in place, Book+Main Bites is easily your drama-free zone.

Author Q&A

Q: How do I get started?

A: Register on Once your author profile is approved, you can begin adding Books, Bites, and Posts.

Q: How does an author use Posts vs. Bites?

A: Bites are solely your writing {excerpts, bonus scenes, WIPs, etc.}. There are specific criteria of what you can do with Bites. {Please refer to Anatomy of a Bite on your author dashboard}. Posts should be used like Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc. Cover reveals, conversations with your readers, new releases, giveaways, inspiration pictures, reader memes, etc. The sky is the limit. Bonus: your followers see it ALL! If it’s about books, it’s allowed. Post away!