B+M Member Spotlight
Brilliant Blogger: Sophie Broughton

April 27, 2018 ● blogger, spotlight

Book+Main Bites is more than a website. It’s a community of people who have come together over a shared interest—romance novels. From readers to authors to bloggers and other industry professionals, Book+Main Bites is where the romance book world comes to connect. A home created exclusively for us.

From time to time, we’d like to introduce you to different members of our community, find out a little bit more about them and how they use the site, and shine a light on exactly what makes us who we are—our members. Today we bring you, a Badass Blogger, Sophie Broughton.

1. Why do you love Book+Main Bites?

Because there is no drama. It’s authors posting about BOOKS. It’s all about the words, not the latest political outburst or bad reviewer, etc. It’s authors posting and sharing the books they write to real Romance readers. I think sometimes the drama on other social media outlets takes away from this! Also, there are NO silly algorithms that hide anything!! All posts get seen!

2. How do you use Book+Main Bites as a blogger?


I love searching for new authors and then supporting them. I share LOADS of Bites and stalk my favourite authors for upcoming book excerpts!

3. Are there any tips you can give to other bloggers on how to get started on Book+Main Bites?

Just make a profile. It’s super easy! Follow your fave authors, but then search your fave genres and look at new Bites. It’s a brilliant way to see whether that particular author’s words are for you! Having a blogger profile allows your current followers across social media to keep up with you, especially if those followers don’t know you personally.

4. Any authors you wish were on Book+Main that aren’t?

I would LOVE ALL authors to be on Book+Main. It’s a completely new way of marketing books but it’s PERFECT. And like I said before it’s super easy.

5. What’s your favorite feature on Book+Main?

The search function. Without a doubt. It’s incredible. I’ve been on an alpha/anti-hero kick lately and Book+Main has been my go to, to look for Bites and then books that fit this perfectly. So whether you need a good rom-com or a historical romance, it’s all there at your fingertips!

6. Go to your profile and tell us who the last author was that you shared a Bite for.

It was LJ Shen for her upcoming release Bane. CANNOT WAIT for that!

7. What features would you love to see on Book+Main in the future?

I think Book+Main pretty much has it all. I think for BLOGGERS I’d love to see a similar post feature that the authors have. Mainly so if we’ve read a particular book we could shout about it. But that’s something that would need work over time. Until then Book+Main is GREAT and improving every single day.

More About Sophie
I am a total book lover. I have been a blogger for around 4 years now, with Bookalicious Babes Blog and my blogger sisters, Karen McVino, Crystal Grizzard Burnette, Tina Jaworski, Keeana Porter & Vicki Fryer. They are literally the best group of ladies to share this adventure with. Blogging gave me my in, so to speak, in to my day job where I’m an Executive Assistant to Lauren Rowe & Willow Winters! This is honestly the best job EVER! I literally live and breathe books! I’m a single mama to my 6 year old daughter who shares my passion for books and reading – which is great for me, until she picks up one of my books!

To follow Sophie on Book+Main Bites, check her out here! You can also follow Bookalicious Babes Blog here!